Meristem strictly prohibits payment of CASH by existing and prospective clients to any representative of the Company, for any reason whatsoever. All payments to the Company shall be by way of cheques or bank drafts issued in the name of the Fund or by direct bank transfers or cash payments to the Company's designated Bank Accounts. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may arise from failure of the client to adhere to this directive. If you do not receive any investment notification 48 hours after making payment for your investment, please contact our representatives via [email protected]

Customer Information

Terms & Condition

1. Funds entrusted in the MKAT Simple package are deposited and invested in a pool of MKAT Mutual funds account.

2. Funds are transferred to designated accounts or school accounts upon the request of the settlor.

3. Only a maximum of 2 people can deposit funds into the Classic Account on behalf of the settlor.

4. Withdrawals from the trust fund is strictly for educational purposes.

5. The funds shall be locked up for an initial minimum period of 18months before withdrawals can be made.


I, hereby request to have the right to full automation.

I, hereby, declare that I will keep to the terms and conditions of my MKAT Account. In the event whereby withdrawal is made more than once, I give my consent for termination of contract, and closure of my account.