Foreign Equities


  • Minimum Investment is USD2,000.00
  • A fee of USD 100.00 per Ticket or USD 0.035 for each unit of shares purchased or sold, whichever is higher shall apply.
  • Trading Hours: Orders are exclusively accepted from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. West African
  • Investors shall assume the risks and rewards associated with trading on the New York stock exchange.
  • All transactions and payments are made in USD.
  • On a best Endeavor basis, MWML may provide the client with stock investment note as may be provided by our partner counterparties.
  • Execution of trades across the various markets is guided by our best execution policy, copy available on our website. MWML will execute trades on behalf of clients based on client’s instruction.
  • All transactions and payments are made in Foreign Currency of investment (USD)



  • The applicant applies for the investment indicated herein subject to the following:
  • I/We guarantee that all information herein is complete and correct.
  • All transactions, benefits and payments are made in USD.
  • That my/our investment objective herein fore detailed in my/our investment Policy Statement (IPS) is incorporated herein by reference. That my/our Investment Policy Statement herein details the risk and returns which I/We hereby accept and acknowledge for this investment.
  • I/We accept full responsibility for informing MWML of any changes in information provided herein (e.g. address change, surname change, contact details, etc.). If any details change, I/We agree to provide MWML with updated information or change in circumstances to the finance of this transaction, as they may require for the continued processing of my transactions.
  • I/We understand that the information provided herein shall be verified for money laundering purposes. Therefore, I/We confirm that the funds with which any payment is or will be made to MWML, in terms of this investment, are derived from a lawful source. In addition, I/We are willing to answer any questions about the origin of such funds and to provide additional information as and when it may be required by MWML or any of its Regulatory Agencies.
  • I/We understand that the information provided herein may be checked now or in the future with other departments within the Meristem group and with other outside organisations as allowed by law to verify the information and/or to prevent error and fraud and protect public funds. I/We therefore understand that it is an offence knowingly to provide false information or to knowingly withhold information in support of an application and by so doing it could result in civil or criminal prosecution.
  • We understand that information in this application may be recorded electronically with MWML in addition to physical records. Such records will form the record of this investment for all purposes and may be used as evidence at any proceedings.



  • Investing in equities involves the risk of loss including loss of principal. Past performance of a stock is not a guarantee of future return nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance. You are therefore responsible for all risks and financial resources applicable to this transaction. Therefore, we advise that you conduct an independent evaluation of the stock you intend to trade before you engage in trading to fully understand the nature of the transactions and the extent of your exposure to loss.
  • Meristem and/or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates including its employees shall not be liable for any loss of funds arising from the volatility in equities invested or poor performance of the New York equities market.