Bond Agreement Form


Meristem Wealth Management Limited, through its Research Unit, from time to time makes recommendations on investment products based on factual information in the financial market. Such recommendations reflect the opinions of our analysts and are provided for the general and preliminary information of investors/clients only and should not be taken as the basis of any investment decision or strategy.


Whilst we take reasonable care in making such recommendations, we do not provide any guarantees as to their completeness or accuracy. Therefore, we advise investors/clients to ensure, in particular, that an investment is suitable in relation to their financial situation and investment objectives. Nor does the information contained in our recommendation constitute advice on the tax implications of any particular investment decision or strategy.


Where Meristem, upon the request of Client, acts as a broker to client specified transactions, such action shall only be limited in its capacity as a broker and the Client acknowledges that Meristem has made no representations in respect of the investment product on which the Client has chosen to invest in. Therefore, the investor shall bear the risk (including financial loss) and reward in connection with an investment, or the purchase of an investment product and Meristem shall not assume liability for any loss arising either from the brokerage or the use of its recommendations.